Information Forecast

The Counsellor of Culture, Education and University Planning, Mr. Román Rodríguez González and the General Director of the Company Foundation Galician University (FEUGA, in its Spanish initials) Mr. Francisco Javier Pereiro Pérez will sign the next day June 11th at 10:30 the agreement of collaboration between these two entities, which will allow the development of the “Training programme in strategic and operations management for research units and centres of excellence“.

This formative programme, promoted by the Galician Department of Culture, Education and University Planning in collaboration with FEUGA, is a unique and pioneering training in Spain aimed at ensuring the ongoing improvement, excellence and international leadership of the Galicia´s research centres.

The training consists of two differentiated programs, GESCI and GOSCI, aimed at two complementary profiles.
The first, GESCI, is designed specifically for research centres and units directors, which aims to provide the necessary skills and knowledge to develop strategies to meet the new challenges of the environment and the increasing international competitiveness in the recruitment of resources, talent and opportunities. It promotes too the efficiency and modernization of their organizations and the scientific and institutional evaluation as key mechanisms of continuous improvement. For its part, the formative programme GOSCI, is specifically designed for the managers of research centres and units. It aims to improve the efficiency and internal organization of their organizations, support the management of change promoted by management and to contribute from their area of activity to the excellence and the scientific-technological leadership of their institutions.

This formative programme, which begins in September 2018 and will be extended until March 2019 (GESCI Oct 18-Feb 19 and GOSCI Sept 18-March 19) shall include a teaching panel made up of Spanish and international professionals who are leading authorities in their areas of expertise and will be directed by Lluís Rovira, director of the CERCA Institute of Catalonia.

Date: June 11, 2018
Time: 10.30 h
Place: Sede FEUGA. Rúa Lope Gómez de Marzoa s/n, Santiago de Compostela
Involve: Mr. Román Rodríguez González.-Counsellor of Culture, Education and University Planning of the Xunta de Galicia
Mr. Francisco Javier Pereiro Pérez.-General Director of Company Foundation Galician University