From 23-10-2020 to 14-04-2021 at FEUGA’s headquarters in Santiago de Compostela

Registration deadline 2-10-2020

A leader’s mission is to prepare the organization to successfully take on the challenges that lie ahead

Research centre or unit directors are responsible for managing and maximising their institutions’ resources. It is their task to lead the organization towards international leadership based on efficiency, responsibility and scientific excellence.

GESCI is an opportunity to achieve this. GESCI is a high level management training initiative that combines the contents of a management and business programme with those of management development and training course . It has been specifically designed for the managers of research organizations.

Essential training in order to:

  • Tackle new framework challenges and growing international competition for acquiring resources, talent and opportunities.
  • Promote the modernization of research institutions as well as scientific and institutional appraisal as key mechanisms for ongoing improvement.


Principal researchers to lead Galicia’s R&D institutions in accordance with the value of efficiency, responsibility and scientific excellence.
Strategic planning and the culture of regular scientific and institutional appraisal as mechanisms for ongoing improvement in the community's research centres/units.
The organizational and economic performance of regional R&D institutions through the provision of training for their management boards.


  • Organizational structure of European and international research centres and institutions: RIKEN, CNRS, Max Planck, Fraunhofer, etc.
  • Organizational structure of Spanish research centres and institutions
  • The Spanish, European and international research environment. Key changes, future perspectives and new opportunities
  • Strategy in the scientific field. Vision and mission
  • Setting strategic objectives. From the diagnosis of the current situation to strategy formulation and implementation
  • The Balanced Scorecard. Usefulness, design, implementation and casuistry of centres
  • Monitoring and scientific assessment
  • Government bodies. Actors, roles and responsibilities
  • The internal organization. Management, scientific and management structure
  • Transparency
  • Advisory panel: Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) and Business Advisory Board (BAB)
  • The regulatory framework. State and regional legislation and own regulations applicable to the different legal forms that support research centres
  • Excellence and Responsible Research & Innovation
  • Economic-financial principles. Economic planning and management in a research centre. Fiscal aspects
  • Competitive public funds. The regional, national and European funding environment (special reference to the ERC, SeO and ISCIII initiatives). Organizational structures that optimize competitive fundraising
  • Private funds. Relations with companies and strategic alliances
  • Fundraising in the field of R&D. Communication and marketing strategies
  • Attracting and retaining talent
  • Scientific and research career development
  • Monitoring assessment and assessment site visit in HRS4R
  • Scientific production and its bibliometric analysis. Practical application
  • Strategic management skills. Conflict management in research centres
  • Communication and scientific dissemination. Strategies to promote scientific dissemination
  • Scientific integrity management
  • Promoting, protecting and exploiting research results
  • Gender balance and multiculturalism
  • Assessing the productivity of administrative units
  • Open Access and Open Data
  •  Master sessions (6 hours)
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Useful information

Strategic Management of Research Centres and Units (GESCI)

Start: 23/10/2020
End: 14/04/2021
Frequently Friday afternoon and some Wednesday afternoon
Mixed: virtual and faceto-face
Spanish / English
FREE REGISTRATION. Training financed by the Galician Department of Education, University and Vocational Training
Limited places


Sede Feuga - Santiago de Compostela
Rúa Lope Gómez de Marzoa, s/n. Campus Vida. 15705 Santiago de Compostela (A Coruña)
981 534 180

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Registration deadline 2/10/2020