The GESCI project, a pioneering initiative at the national level

The project has a teaching panel made up of Spanish and international experts and it is coordinated by Lluís Rovira, director of the CERCA Institute of Catalonia.

The Formative Project in Strategic Management of Research Centres and Units of Excellence will be taught by a group of experts, who are leading authorities in their areas of expertise.
A group of experts, on Spanish and international level compose the teaching panel of the Formative Project in Strategic Management of Research Centres and Units of Excellence. This initiative is comprising two programmes, GESCI, aimed at the directors of the research institutions and GOSCI, aimed at the managers of research institutions. R&D professionals, resource capture and funding, human resources, management or communication, among others, will provide their global vision, experiences and knowledge to the participants in the training. The objective is to provide students with the necessary skills to lead Galician research centres and to achieve continuous improvement, excellence and international leadership.
This training, promoted by the Xunta de Galicia in collaboration with Feuga, has Lluís Rovira i Pato, director of the CERCA Institute of Catalonia, as academic coordinator. This initiative will provide solvency to the management of the people responsible for the Galician institutions, and it will provide them with the tools to meet the challenges that are presented to them, aligning with the most prestigious European centres.
Without a doubt, one of the determinants for the proper functioning of an institution it is a scientifically competent direction but also expert in terms of R&D management. Management teams should be able to anticipate the changing challenges of funding institutions, to the commissions of their board of directors or governing bodies, to reformulate their scientific priorities according to new needs or to evaluate externally independently, among many other things. Therefore, the implementation of the contents of GESCI by the directors will contribute to the Galician centres obtain greater quotas of financing of H2020 and HEurope, capture and retain more research talent, transfer more and better their technologies and knowledge to the administrations and companies of the country. In short, that they go making a site in the international scene based on the fulfilment of milestones of ever greater scientific and technological impact.