García, Jose Luis

Professor of Research at the Centre for Biological Research (Madrid) of the CSIC and leader of the Environmental Biotechnology group. In addition, he is Acting Director of the Institute of Integrative Systems Biology (I2Sysbio) mixed institute of the CSIC and the University of Valencia (Scientific Park, Paterna).

He has worked as a professor at the UCM and as Head of Research Group at the company Antibiotics SA.
His research expertise focuses on various aspects of the fields of biochemistry, genomics and biotechnology with more than 300 publications between articles and patents with an h-index of 53.
He has held various positions in scientific policy as National and European Programme Manager at CICYT and other ministries, such as EXPLORA Program Manager of MINECO and the IED, as Assistant Director-General for Research at the CSIC, as Advisor in the Ministry of Science and Innovation and Collaborator of the Secretary of State for R&D&I, and National Representative of the ERC Programme of the European Programme H2020.

He has been founder and President of the Spanish Biotechnology Society. He is currently a Member of the Science, Technology and Innovation Advisory Board, and CYTED Program Manager (Area 3. Industrial Development). He has founded three companies dedicated to genome analysis (Lifesequencing S.L.), genetic diagnosis (Secugen S.L.) and bioprospecting microorganisms (Darwin Bioprospecting Excellence S.L.).

PhD in Chemistry and Bachelor’s Degree in Chemistry and Pharmacy from the Complutense University of Madrid (UCM).